Sunday, 17 November 2013

Yer Number Is Up

 Tits are great tits are fun if you weren't blessed with having any you've probably got a nice bum. 

Aye, it sorta rhymes. A Sunday post full of naked and half naked adults. A spectacle of voyeuristic titillation on the fringes of decency.
I do it on a Sunday as that is the most hypocritical day of the week as to what is right and acceptable.

  Such a serene expression on her face... considering an all. 

People will just say, "ach yer a durty pervert" and I'll say, you don't really like sex do you? is it because you don't 100% feel safe with yer partner? you can't tell them yer feelings, hopes and dreams without fear of being mocked? 
Or is it because you were molested by a Christian when you were a child and told you were sinful and going to Hell?  ..... just askin. 

Maybe you've noticed that I've had this blog for seven years and I don't give a shit what you think .... however I would not let any Christians near my kiddies.

This lass could be a super hero, shes built for it and has the looks... Vadge gurl!

Is it coincidence that most pedos are Gog botherers? I think that having to make yerself believe something so crazy and outrageous that it really fucks up yer thinking. The fact that so many others believe (or claim to) makes it more acceptable but it really does a number on yer brain's wiring. 

Believe A when you know it isn't possible and that B is really the truth.

Ya know what else fucks with yer brain? seeing hot chicks then seeing something that you find less attractive staring into yer very soul. 

Old Knudsen applies his CIA training to all his posts, you just don't know it. 

Old Knudsen has never liked Sundays, especially Northern Ireland Sundays. It's yer hangover day and everything is closed or opens for a few hours in the afternoon, I just don't like the vibe of it.

Well if Old Knudsen can brighten up someone's day, make them think, or make them vomit then good. Art is about invoking emotion.

Remember when Old Knudsen said he didn't give a shit what you thought? well that doesn't stop him from being interested in hearing what you think ... like a shoe looking at a bug, and so he has numbered his pics. If you can be arsed, use the comment box below (even anonymous can comment now) or on Facebook to state any favourites or any that you really hated. Just type the number or numbers if you want, have yer fav number first and then any others you like etc in descending order.

Think of it as a survey and you'll be entered into a draw to see who wins my scorn... ach don't bother then but I will be putting numbers on them from now on, just to see wats hat and wats nat. 


FirstNations said...

I simply want to applaud you for having found so many examples of natural tittage on the web. You have shit taste in men, though. Fnar.

Old Knudsen said...

I know what I like and I like what I know, I always do pick the wrong men though.