Thursday, 21 November 2013

Willie Frazer Action Mong

Old Bitter Ball's favourite flegger mong Willie Frazer likes to think that rather than being a frog eyed chin-less middle aged half-wit hes a tough super soldier ready to defend Ulster against the evil forces of the Fenians.
So I like to remind him what a joke he is. 

Lord Mater (rhymes with potater) seeks to destroy the rebels and Alliance cos they took his fleg and put horse meat into the space burgers. Now if Jamie would just leave that lad alone and go write a book of poems or something.

There is no doubt that Frazer qualifies as a section 8. He was once asked, 'If you were manning a checkpoint and a car load of IRA men pulled up what would you do?' ..... he thought about this for a moment and replied, 'would you consider them good looking at all?' and thats why he wasn't allowed into the Ulster defense regiment.

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