Tuesday, 5 November 2013

White Blonde And Special

 Torn between that ample soft cleavage, that bottom lip being bitten and the beer.

I was mulling over some thoughts in my head just idly day dreaming not even registering the panic around me as my patient pumped blood all over the floor, ach such is the way of modern medicine, they look all healthy and full of life before their toe operation but as soon as you get them onto the operating table and cut them open their frailty becomes apparent.

 The son was returned when they realised they were the parents.

As I scrubbed the blood off my arms I pondered the recent cases of the Roma children who got taken away from their parents because they are too white and blonde compared to their parents, plus we all know that gypsies steal white blonde children to use their blood in dark magick ceremonies. 

This gormless couple were not the parents of young Maria ..... another Roma couple were, they probably sold her or lost her in dog fight betting ..... just do it.... aye, you'd do him.   

These are Maria's real parents.

These child custody cases are fueled by racism against Gypo's or by people who think they have found Madelaine McCann amongst the savages.
Why are these pale aberrations being born to the dirty Gypos? ..... no offense meant ya pikey fuckers.

Being blonde or ginger and having blue eyes is an adaptation of nature to help mankind handle northern climates, it's a glitch to be honest and nature will someday rectify it if humanity lasts that long.  
These Roma families are producing children with a recessive gene from their ancestors that just popped out ..... assuming some blonde surfer dudes aren't shagging these brutal looking weemen on the side of course. 

Adolf Hitler showed a great interest in genetics. He and his flunkies decided that humans were either in the acceptable Nordic group types or they were in the sub human slave group types. He claimed that some people weren't technically human and so the Geneva convention didn't apply to them, handy reasoning.  Slavs lived up to that name and in Hitler's eyes they were indeed slaves just waiting to be domineered. 
Northern Italians were fine but the rest of the dirty eyeties had too much black blood and Hitler spoke to Mussolini about this ... they also shared an interest in torturing kittens and loved playing dominoes.   

Pseudo German scientists took their troll science to northern India and Nepal to find the Aryan people, these were the people who Hitler believed all pure Germans were descended from. The name Aryan comes from Sanskrit word ārya and in Classical Sanskrit it means 'honourable, respectable or noble'. The name Iran/Iranians comes from Aryan, Iran = land of the Aryans. 

The Aryans were Europeans, Greeks, Germans, Indo-Iranians and believe it or not Celts, Slavs and Balts too as their languages all originate from the same root.

Ya this ist die German three, two in the pink and one in die stink.

So theory time cos Old Knudsen was making monkeys in Africa and was no where near northern India in those days when the Aryans were about. 
These Aryans who were light brown blurted out some white kids the further north they traveled. These white children who were a novelty were seen as being fucking class, every home should have one.
Maybe it's like modern day Mexico and south America countries in which lighter skin is preferable and seen as a sign of status as it means yer more likely descended from the Spaniards than the local Indians. 
So the Aryan children grew and bred with each other and watered doon the darkies thus producing some great mythical race so adored by the Nazis. 

 We are the master race ...... join us. 
Well to be fair they probably didn't know at the time that they were some great white blonde nation, luckily the Germans were able to tell them the truth. 
For some reason everyone in the UK tries at some point in their life tries to be blonde, so many straw haired weemen here maybe they think blondes have more fun.

Who knows what they think?

Why are blondes set up to be the ideal of perfection for the Nazis considering most of the Nazi leaders were dark haired or fat balding types ?

 We kill the leaders and the intellectuals and enslave the people, ya? ...... Ya es ist sweet dude.

The Nazis just liked fucking with people and enjoyed a nice parade with flags so they could go around striking fear into the minorities while they celebrated their culture. The blonde thing was just some homoerotic thing Hitler had going on. 

They were like bored children, lets inject things into their eyes to see what happens or lets cut them open for a look. 

Are blonde jokes anti-weemen or a reaction to anything German after the war? 

We live in a racist world where if you can pass for white then you do it which is funny because many white people are seen as subhuman even to this day .... bloody immigrants huh? ach dirty gypos have no business spewing out blonde kids, have you seen those children? something not right about them. 

In another thousand years the white blonde people will be a thing of the past and brown-ish people will be the main race. 
Any blue eyed blonde kids that pop out will have their heads smashed like the ancient Egyptians did. 

And this will be the vintage look.

This post was about racism and jumping to conclusions with Roma people obviously stealing white children and why has being blonde and blue eyed been so special throughout history? Even Jesus is white with blue eyes now. 

A load of white dudes putting on costumes and uniforms and making laws that others must follow. Imagine having to have to put others doon and show them their place in order for you to feel good. If you don't have colour to complain about them there is their language or even their religion.
It still goes on and on today. Everyone farts, everyone blows their nose and looks at the hanky to see what you got, everyone eats corn just to see it coming out in their shit, everyone gets the odd scary hair sticking out 2 inches long from someplace on their body ... if you don't then you just haven't found it yet, but I bet others have seen it. 
And except for Old Knudsen, no one is better than anyone else. Royalty, the super rich and the overly educated, good looking folk with big tits or huge muscles ... they still bleed when you cut them.
Being white and blonde isn't any basis to be better than anyone. You are all equal so talk to each other as equals, some highly educated snooty folk may not like that so fuck them, at the end of the world when the zombie virus hits or a world wide EMP knocks all technology out, what good will yer degree in politics do ya then? 
Life is too short to live it knowing yer place and doffing yer cap to yer so-called superiors, you might even like them when you realise they are just people and those with underlings, just because you inherited a business doesn't mean you get to treat folk like dirt ..... wise up.  

Old Knudsen wants to kick the fuck out of people on a regular basis because you humans don't know how good you have it, and yer fucking it up by merely existing or treading water. Slap on a fixed smile and get some crazy eyes going on and live life with a chuckle.... find the funny, find the happy and own the ground you walk on. 
Now fuck off! 

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