Sunday, 3 November 2013

This Is Culture

A MILF with a dartboard, I think I'm in love.

It was a dirty week for Pagans and Witches so I'm thinking that all you Christians are feeling a little vulnerable, the temptation to molest children is probably pretty strong within you. Fear not for Old Knudsen is here with his adult Sunday distractions.

There maybe some repeats as I'm going through old folders, clearing out my computer in case the police take it as evidence sometime in the future...... Nipples! 

 Those fucking aliens! them and their breeding experiments to make monkeys look hot. So they gave weemen tits, which are fucking fabulous I must say ..... then they top it off by putting nipples on the end, perfect just improved upon perfection. Lick, flick, suck and only bite with the really bad gurls. 

They totally just had a laugh with useless wee man nipples, whats the point in them? Old Knudsen can barely get half a pint of milk out of his and it's lumpy milk.

Back to tits, Old Knudsen is a big fan, he could and has sat and looked at them all day.

If Old Knudsen had a pair of tits he'd sit in the hoose and play with them all day, what did you say? I'd get bored with them? thats what they said about Old Knudsen's love for mixed pickles and they are still the only source of vegetable on his dinner plate.

Old Knudsen should never have moved back to Northern Ireland, the weemen here are just too brutal on the eyes.

The odd wee Pole isn't too bad though but shes a hag.

I like the feel of boobies,
in or out of the bra,
from hardly there to lots to share,
just ask yer dear ol Ma,
they bounce and jiggle when I make her giggle,
nothing like a laugh when all soapy in the bath.
Technological advances may be nice,
but you can keep yer drones,
you can't shove yer cock and get off,
between 2 iPhones.

A warrior poet Old Knudsen is for sure and that is why I was so harsh with Seamus Heany's work .... fucking amateur.

Some tits, all fake and covered in cake ..... see you next week you pedo Christians.  


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