Saturday, 23 November 2013

They Got Shorty

Delbert Belton was an 88 year-old WWII veteran who was wounded at the battle of Okinawa. One Wednesday evening in September he drove up to the Eagles Lodge in Spokane,Washington and was waiting on a lady friend to arrive so they could play pool together.

As his friend pulled into the parking lot she saw two black dudes running from Delbert's car and inside was Delbert barely alive bleeding from everywhere on his face.

Delbert "shorty" Belton died in hospital from extensive head wounds.It turns out that he fought back at his attackers the best he could. Maybe he made matters worse by fighting back who knows? He was just that kind of person.

Hundreds attended when he was buried with full military honours in Spokane.

This story bugged Old Knudsen when he heard about it, you survive something like Okinawa in which the terror never leaves you, it's always in the back of your mind waiting to slap you at 3am when you can't sleep and then 60 odd years later you get beat to death in a car park in America by a couple of young punks not old enough to serve in the military or to drink.

This barely 5 foot tall senior citizen was well liked by everyone. Not in the way you say nice things about someone who is a cunt and then they die but in the way that he would help you if it was in his power to.
He loved fixing up cars and was an agile wee fucker who was a hit with the ladies on the dance floor. A widower with his 65 year-old son in hospital with health problems. He must have seemed like such an easy target to those big brave lads.
                                                                  Demetrius Glenn

                                                              Kenan Adams Kinard
The two fuckers who killed Delbert are 16 year-olds Demetrius Glenn and Kenan Adams Kinard. Now remember folks, it's America, a 16 year-old boy can be 6 foot plus, just see Trayvon Martin who at the age of 17 was able to reign doon enough blows onto Zimmerman's head that he had to cheat and use his gun to win. 
These were big lads, Glenn has a juvenile criminal record which includes malicious mischief, fourth-degree assault, driving without a license and riot with a deadly weapon.

Adams Kinard had been convicted of third-degree theft and fourth-degree assault. 

These teens are scum and nothing more. They used heavy flashlights to kill Delbert with. Glenn gave himself up the next day but Adams Kinard went into hiding for 4 days. It happens to be blacks killing whites but this wasn't race motivated.
Glenn being arrested. He faces a first-degree murder charge and one count of robbery. 

Then the teens came up with the story that they were buying some crack cocaine from Delbert "Shorty" Belton and he tried to short change them. They beat him with the flashlights, made sure he was still breathing, took his wallet and another ounce of crack from his pockets and ran off..... Away an fuck you stupid cunts!

Delbert was a fucking hero who served his country, you not only murdered him but you also try to sully his name, luckily no one is gonna believe a pair of wankers like you. 

The Aryan Brotherhood, a ghey white supremacist prison gang have offered  $10,000 to anyone who could kill the two teens. 
While Old Knudsen does not condone vigilante justice unless it is him doing it he does believe in treating people how you've have them treat you .... aye, Old Knudsen is in for it some day. An eye for an eye etc.
A big believer in karma, if you pick someone out to beat to death because you can well don't be too surprised when it happens to you. It's only fair.
I hope the teens know about the bounty and I hope that whoever does it gives the lads a little time to sweat it out first. 
Some people need a good killing. 

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