Monday, 25 November 2013

The End Of Twitter As We Know It

If Old Knudsen had feelings they would be hurt. The world leaders no longer confide in him, maybe it has to do with Wikileaks and yer Snowden fella but Old Knudsen isn't being kept in the loop ... oh maybe it's to do with me telling everyone what they say, ya think so? ach I'm my own worse enemy.

Luckily they still do audience testing by putting out shows like Revolution and Life after people to see how they would react. It's also a public consciousness thing.

If you watch end of the world type shows then setting fire to people who might be infected will seem a bit more normal.
People actually look forward to a zombie apocalypse how fucked up is that? Well done media brainwashing and if you have OCD doesn't being a prepper seem like heaven? stock yer beans and soups in alphabetical order why don't you.

Reverse psychology, here is the bad guy .... love him.  

Oh look it's the bad guy from Revolution.
Oh look, it's Satan.
Oh look it's that other bad guy from TV .... um whats his name?

Just recently 2 US military generals and 1 Navy admiral stopped Obama from using 3 nukes, detonated simultaneously at points across the US to cause an electro magnetic pulse wiping out all unshielded electronic devices and setting the US back 200 years.

Just think of the control someone who had stock piled and was ready for an event like this would have and who would know what the fuck happened and if they did how could they report it? 

Why would he do that? .... Why would he get you addicted and dependent upon social media only to cripple you?

Because hes in league with .....  GOD!

Aye it's true, everyone fears the Devil but it's God you need to watch out for. Thanks to those 3 patriots who will very quietly lose their high level security clearance jobs cos they fucked up the plans on moving the nukes.

Now they have to go to plan B which involves letting terrorists onto American soil and throwing a lot of money towards Iran.

Ach but don't worry for Old Knudsen is here, watching the media and telling the truth. He doesn't listen to the verbal diarrhea war mongering hate speech known as Christianity. Life is full of sign posts, you just have to find them and know how to read them.

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