Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Culture Club

Jonathan Martin 6ft 5 and a half inches tall 312LBS left the Miami Dolphins because he was being bullied by his teammates. Racial abuse, physical abuse and threats against his family. One player named Richie Incognito ...... if you can believe that said he was going to shit in his mouth.

Several NFL players have come out and said how it's a different world in the locker room, a different culture so obviously Martin should man up and stop whining because being called a "half-nigger piece of shit," and threatening to gang rape yer sister is all just fun and games and the way they do it.

Wow, imagine that, jocks are a bunch of dicks ..... well that came out of no where. It is not about how hard or manly Martin is but about what cock sucking wankers his teammates and anyone who believes that shit are.

What other bullies think they can do what they want under the guise of 'it's our culture?'   

The Loyalist bigots of Northern Ireland in case you didn't get it. There are many bigots on the Irish nationalist side too banging on about heritage, or how the English raped our land blah blah blah... thats culture bitches so man up.    

No you cunts, this is culture and it isn't setting out to offend or bully anyone and doesn't use threats because that is what culture is, what yer going on about is tribalism, yer just bullies trying to justify indefensible behaviour so wise the fuck up.

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