Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Richard Haass Loses The Rag

Ladies and gentlemen, since the Union flag was removed from the Belfast city hall, only to fly on designated days the Loyalist community have felt as though their culture and identity has been chipped away. I put it to you that the Loyalist community known as Fleggers only has about 9 months left to live. 
Without the constant magical power of the flag and the constant shouts of "Yeeeooowww!!!" the fleggers will stop being British and will turn into some sort of Chewbacca/Kanye West creatures.

They are not even capable of having an original idea so why do we think they can retain their culture without oppressing someone else? 
The De-flegging process is known as Degenerative Insecurity Paranoia Syndrome and without constantly seeing the Union flag, parading every week and attacking the police the fleggers will become hairy but valuable members of society who want to work hard and get a good education for themselves and their children .... I don't think that is in the best interest of Sinn Fein or the DUP.

Let them die!

I'll drink to that!

On the Facebook page Loyalists Against Democracy (LAD)  a fun comparison list between the Fleggers and the Dissidents was put up, all a bit of fun as any right minded person knows that the Loyalists and the Republicans are just as bad as each other and both Fleggers and Dissies have gone out of their way to fuck people about.  

Many people on the Republican side have been having a good laugh at the expense of the Loyalists. Every time a flegger opens his/her mouth and says something stupid it's worthy of a harsh mocking but say one thing about the dissidents then suddenly it isn't so funny. 

Dissidents have been planting bombs and hijacking vehicles in an attempt to kill, how can you defend that?
Heres how, you pretend it's MI5 doing it to make the dissidents look bad and to stir up sectarian hatred .... um I don't think they really need help with that, just ask the family and friends of  25-year-old Catholic policeman Ronan Kerr who was murdered by dissidents. I suppose that was MI5 too. 

Stories on Republican biased websites do not make it true ya know, you need to print that shit off and put it into a book, thats what makes things real..... that was sarcasm to all you sky fairy believers out there.

This thinking is exactly the same kind of thing Gerry Adams does, deny all and try to assign the blame elsewhere as it does not suit yer agenda and who cares who gets hurt.

Fleggers and Loyalist paramilitaries are synonymous with each other so the actual bomb and actual murder bits on the list are incorrect.

If you support these sectarian criminals known as Fleggers and Dissies then you are as much to blame for The Disappeared, McGurk's bar bombing, Bloody Friday, La Mon restaurant, The Kingsmill massacre, Remembrance Day bombing, Shankill Road bombing, The Greysteel massacre, The Omagh bombing and all the rest of the atrocities as they are so fuck up and stop making excuses for them.


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