Friday, 29 November 2013

Obama And His Turkey Stuffed With Lies

One of the greatest lies that the Obama administration has pulled on the American people has been the Thanksgiving turkey pardon. 
Every year Obama does the presidential pardoning of a turkey who is then saved from getting eaten on Thanksgiving. 
The turkey has done no crime and yet it has to get pardoned? call the ACLU for fucks sake and maybe Amnesty.
You can plainly see from these photos that it's the same turkey every year. The only change was this year when they upgraded one of Obama's daughters. Malia (real name Laquenetta Washington) had not been coping well with alcohol and prescription drugs addiction and so was replaced with an older, more photogenic and much taller Malia.     

Turkey experts from all over the world have come to the conclusion it's the same bird. Jack Platter a former White House aide said, "We use a well trained crisis actor turkey named Teddy, we may add some color to his head or give him  extra feathers but the tell tale mark on his chest gives it away."  

The reason for pardoning the same bird is that most live turkeys in the US have been pumped with so many hormones and mood enhancing drugs that a live turkey is too angry and aggressive to be put on show.
Thanksgiving has been used for many years to target the public with a drug delivery system to sedate and docilate the American people, making them more suggestive and apathetic.

There are some side effects with a small percentage of the population. All US serial killers and school shooters have enjoyed many years of having turkey at Thanksgiving and then one at Christmas. You'll never get a vegetarian serial killer, it just doesn't happen.

A double dose of  Triptosilene twice a year and then what ever you ingest from the amounts in the chicken and bacon can be too much for some people. If you look on all the pathology reports on mass shooters you'll find the components to an unknown drug in their system, those who know it can easily identify it as Triptosilene otherwise it gets noted down as anti-depressants.

It is well known that president Obama has a food tester, this is not paranoia but is procedure to ensure he doesn't eat foods laced with Triptosilene, the tester uses a color changing strip to determine if the food is safe or not.  Small amounts can be safe but the last thing you want is your President or Presidential candidate having a meltdoon or brain farts on TV.

The lack of pork being eaten at the White House has fueled the rumors of Obama being a Muslim, duck, goose, beef and lamb are the usual meat products consumed there and only seafood sourced from specific regions.
George W Bush loved his Thanksgiving turkey and every year Obama likes to have a laugh at that as he tucks into his goose.


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