Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Melissa Bachman Overkill

There is outrage at the moment about hunter/TV presenter Melissa Bachman shooting a lion. Old Knudsen isn't against hunting and has hunted in his time, however he is against doing it when you don't have to. Use a camera not a gun or bow for fucks sake.
Bored big game hunters or TV presenters, not a good enough reason to kill magnificent animals like these.
Some animals such as deer are breed for the specific reason to hunt but seriously, was the grocery stores out of food or did you have a craving?  

The funny thing is that no one said a thing about her killing bears, deers, gators a zebra, boars, antelope etc etc.

 Are lions just too cute to kill?

This cute lion killed a lioness in front of the public at a Dallas zoo, it's been a bad week for lions ... but ya can't trust the fuckers.

Maybe cos there were no tits in the other pictures. Here she is during her show putting a shout out to one of her sponsors that make bullets. Yep, thats gator brains all right.

Is there a law that you have to dress like a redneck skank to hunt gator? I suspect from the crowd of hungry swamp rats that she was also hunting for something else.

"Three bucks in one day" .... Now she sounds like yer Ma, and shes gagging for more.  

Montana is 20 bucks and a doh! short thanks to her. Not all were shown on the TV .... boy she must really like venison.
Rule # 143 Always believe what you read on T-shirts, Facebook and Blogs.

"Hahahaha did you see my arrow going through the bear's neck and sticking out of it's other shoulder? I'm very pleased with that .... it made me moist." 

 Look how big he is, Isn't he gorgeous?

I really dislike how giddy she gets when she kills something. Maybe it's because Old Knudsen has mellowed the fuck out with age but he'd rather let an animal live than end it's life for TV ratings or ego.
She claims to be an animal lover but aren't we all?  I mean who doesn't like KFC?

The animals she kills, if they are big they get called a monster but I don't see them terrorising a village or killing livestock.

Some of these monsters run off once she shoots them with an arrow and she has to follow the blood trail .
She says she likes deer meat ..... she should shop at Marks & Spencers, their prices are extortionate and they aren't that special. Don't get me started on people who use an M&S carrier bag when they go to other shops thinking they are all posh, you aren't posh yer sad.

The ultimate prey

Old Knudsen's view on killing. Animals do what they do and if there is no good reason to kill them then leave them alone .... Humans on the other hand are allegedly capable of higher reasoning and know who the choices they make effect. Some people really do need a good killing because of their actions. I can justify killing a terrorist or a pedo and would not lose any sleep over it.

Ach shes just making a living doing what she loves to do, killing animals. Some dig ditches others repair cars and she kills animals and shows it to others...... Yeah it does sound bad, I'm sure shes a lovely, well adjusted lass, follow her on Facebook if you want, don't follow too close as she likes to kill within 20 yards and make sure yer doon wind or she'll smell yer Lynx/Axe body spray.   


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