Monday, 4 November 2013

Kicked In The Punjana

When a product is so good and speaks for itself then you can call it anything you want but when yer product only sells in low end grocery stores maybe a re-name might be a good idea. Here are some marketing fails.

I wonder if ass juice is used in the so juicy. Who wants to tell the world that their arse is juicy? The stains and the smell should announce it anyway. 

Vagina slitz .... first impressions last.

Maybe after their mammy buys them some loungepants she can then help them to find their Wally. Theres a specky cunt in a hat doon my hoosers!

We live in a time in which it is soo easy to make up nicknames for lady parts.

Does the rug match the drapes? just dye yer snatch if not.

I am a good boy with my package full of beef.

When my bone gets sucked my sass isn't that colour.

I like the Hyundai STD series, the Hyundai Herpes is a sporty wee number with staying power. It is now totally acceptable to buy a STD.

Busts and unblocks yer plughole or yer money back.

This is just odd, I don't know why this exists. Of course Old Knudsen bought it.

This was actually changed, before it said For Uppity Negroes but because that makes the word FUN they changed it.

I buy a packet of these and get a few bust the hole donuts.

To think, someone put thought into the names of these products, sure it may not have been much thought but still. I suspect that English is not their first language. 

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