Wednesday, 6 November 2013

A Global Melting Pot

The World Economic Forum (WEF) have issued a report showing 140 of the the world's friendliest (to foreign visitors) cuntries that give the best welcome. Is the WEF getting kick backs from these places or what?

Iceland got the number one spot. Iceland was the place that doubled for a post apocalyptic landscape in the movie Oblivion ..... just sayin like. Maybe they are ultra friendly to tourists to make up for feeding them eyeballs and shark that has been pissed on and because they live in a post apocalyptic landscape.
Ireland got the number 9 spot, that didn't include Northern Ireland of course, cos we're all angry boring cunts like the rest of the UK which is at  # 55.
Aye the Irish are a friendly lot when they aren't blowing you up, and ya know why they are so friendly? cos they are always drunk .... there I said it. 

                                                        America, may contain nuts.
America got # 102 which is strange as the Americans are so friendly and love sharing with the rest of the world. Just ask Hakimullah Mehsud who recently had 2 Hellfire missiles shared with him, oh ya can't cos hes dead ...... lol.  
When Americans invade yer cuntry to share their freedom with you they usually shot or bomb their own soldiers rather than kill the enemy, how friendly is that?

Mexico looks like it's pretty friendly , did ya see that latest beheading video? not really very friendly. 

Mali got #14, oh yes, they are sooo friendly to foreigners, just ask the two journalists who were recently kidnapped and shot dead there.

Rwanda at 21? The movie Hotel Rwanda wasn't a family friendly event like Hotel for dogs, there are no happy endings in Rwanda.

Burkina Faso got #10 .... where? it's in Africa just beside Mali. Aye I do think the WEF are making up cuntries cos they were definitely drunk or high when they made this list up. 

Thailand at #13, yes the Thai people are very friendly which is why the likes of Gary Glitter enjoyed that place so much. 

If you want the least friendliest cuntries then try Mongolia at # 131, those Mongoes are merciless.  

No shit all those Slav cuntries were low doon on the friendliness of foreigners, they still put rocks in the mouths of dead people so they don't come back as sparkly vampires plus they think that dirt is a food group.

Pakistan and Iran aren't too friendly either ..... really?

Russia also hates foreigners .... and gheys and anyone that steps out of line and the ethnics and the puppies ...... why is the world so angry?

Fair play to the Russians, they did take in Edward Snowden, of course that was mostly to piss off the US. Oh and you know the way Snowden wanted to go to Venezuela and how Julian Assange thinks that Sweden and the US are soo repressive but thinks that fascist Venezuela is so great? Well Venezuela came 139 th in the list, thats one above the last.

At # 140 the very worst cuntry in the world at being friendly according to the WEF is Bolivia, just ask Butch and Sundance. 
The WEF did add that compared to Bolivia Northern Ireland isn't all that bad.

This is our happy face.

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