Saturday, 30 November 2013

White Trash Fleggers

 The look on the face of the guy seen between the Spide's legs.

Former UVF leader and now Progressive Unionist Party (PUP) leader Billy Hutchinson has stated that, "Treating loyalists like white trash is not going to work."

Yeah lets appeal to their intellectual nature. You are what you are and you get treated the way you treat others you white trash trailer park crackers.

Friday, 29 November 2013

Obama And His Turkey Stuffed With Lies

One of the greatest lies that the Obama administration has pulled on the American people has been the Thanksgiving turkey pardon. 
Every year Obama does the presidential pardoning of a turkey who is then saved from getting eaten on Thanksgiving. 
The turkey has done no crime and yet it has to get pardoned? call the ACLU for fucks sake and maybe Amnesty.
You can plainly see from these photos that it's the same turkey every year. The only change was this year when they upgraded one of Obama's daughters. Malia (real name Laquenetta Washington) had not been coping well with alcohol and prescription drugs addiction and so was replaced with an older, more photogenic and much taller Malia.     

Turkey experts from all over the world have come to the conclusion it's the same bird. Jack Platter a former White House aide said, "We use a well trained crisis actor turkey named Teddy, we may add some color to his head or give him  extra feathers but the tell tale mark on his chest gives it away."  

The reason for pardoning the same bird is that most live turkeys in the US have been pumped with so many hormones and mood enhancing drugs that a live turkey is too angry and aggressive to be put on show.
Thanksgiving has been used for many years to target the public with a drug delivery system to sedate and docilate the American people, making them more suggestive and apathetic.

There are some side effects with a small percentage of the population. All US serial killers and school shooters have enjoyed many years of having turkey at Thanksgiving and then one at Christmas. You'll never get a vegetarian serial killer, it just doesn't happen.

A double dose of  Triptosilene twice a year and then what ever you ingest from the amounts in the chicken and bacon can be too much for some people. If you look on all the pathology reports on mass shooters you'll find the components to an unknown drug in their system, those who know it can easily identify it as Triptosilene otherwise it gets noted down as anti-depressants.

It is well known that president Obama has a food tester, this is not paranoia but is procedure to ensure he doesn't eat foods laced with Triptosilene, the tester uses a color changing strip to determine if the food is safe or not.  Small amounts can be safe but the last thing you want is your President or Presidential candidate having a meltdoon or brain farts on TV.

The lack of pork being eaten at the White House has fueled the rumors of Obama being a Muslim, duck, goose, beef and lamb are the usual meat products consumed there and only seafood sourced from specific regions.
George W Bush loved his Thanksgiving turkey and every year Obama likes to have a laugh at that as he tucks into his goose.


Stupid Fleggers

Typical Flegger meme, did ya watch the movie? William Wallace and everyone else were Fenians, Protestantism hadn't been invented yet so ya won't have him saying that thus pointing out yet again how fucking stupid Fleggers are.
Also they are fighting for independence from the English so yer on the wrong side. You should be cheering when the Sassenachs cut his gurl's throat and when he gets tortured to death.

As if the whole 'crossing' himself wasn't a giveaway. 

As usual yer the bad guys.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Knockout Game

Is Galactus Really God?

Many think the cosmic entity Galactus is really the God of the Old Testament.

The Belfast Telegraph loves to do polls, just to see how stupid the population still is. If it wasn't for these polls we wouldn't have found out that it was the middle classes who were not voting rather than the lower classes.
After doing a survey at the DUP annual conference they found out that 40% of DUP activists believe that creationism should be taught in science classes.

As you know, Creationism is the belief that the world is only about 6,000 years old and that it was all created by a superior magical being . All the ancient dinosaur bones are a trick by Satan who just likes to fuck about.
Science has discovered that the earth is 4.5 billion years old but since we can't even imagine how much a billion is then that must be wrong.

Considering that in Genesis, on the third day of creation the magical being who we'll call 'God' grew plants and trees from seed rather than popping out fully grown plants, and there is no reason to think that God sped up the growing process so therefore we have already fucked up what is considered to be a day. The plants bore fruit which means that the third creation day took years and wasn't just a period of 24 hours.

Adam must have been Hispanic as you wouldn't expect a white dude to do so much work.

On the 6th day God created all the animals and then needed some help so he created Adam to work the land.
Adam had his work cut out for him since all the plants had grown to maturity and no one had cut the grass at all.
God who seems like a bit of a cunt, then told him to give all the animals names, "but master I ain't had no education and you want me to do all this in a day?"

Naming an animal every 10 seconds for days. A lion .... I'll call you furryheads a Giraffe .... like duh, Longnecks of course . Thank fuck he only had to name the animals of ground and air.

God must have been worried about his labour costs and so to keep his labour figure doon he worked poor Adam like a hoor.

Give a magical being a chance, you try creating life in the first go. 

He obviously made chicks with dicks too and we give praise for that.

Aye it's been a long day for Adam so God put him to sleep and experimented on him creating Eve. I suspect that Eve wasn't the first creation as other texts mention Lilith who wasn't such a door mat and went off for some demon cock. How many others were made?

After Adam saw Eve he said "at last" which also points to a day being longer than 24 hours. He also said, "Damn my balls are blue, I've had to shag woolies since the furryheads nearly killed me" God said you'd just lie there and take it, not like Lilith who wanted to do weird stuff like being on top.      

Don't get me started on the whole 'it's all weemen's fault' crap, who wouldn't believe a talking snake? If God made a talking snake then obviously he wants us to listen to him.... lies didn't exist back then.

Ach if weemen weren't so gullible Old Knudsen wouldn't have been able to bed over 84,000 (that he can remember) of them.
We still continue to blame weemen as nothing can possibly be men's fault. Got raped by a football team? has to be her fault as we have the play offs next month.

Lilith wouldn't have got us thrown out.

God later on mentions how he kept his covenant for 1,000 generations to love those who loved and obeyed him.
Right there that suggests 40,000 years in real money.

You can blame poor translation of words or that it was never intended to be a historical record as there is no proof of the hearsay mentioned in the Bible so how the fuck can you teach creationism in schools? How the fuck can you justify teaching religion in school full stop? unless it's for mythology rather than being presented as fact.

Religion doesn't teach you to be a better person going by all the Christians molesting children and generally being self-righteous pricks.

Being Christian seems to turn some men into weeman hating homophobes. 

Back to the polls, so 50% of DUP members at the conference surveyed believed creationism should not! be taught in science class. 10% didn't know and 40% thought it should be there as well as, or instead of, mainstream science.

I'm worried about the 10% going to a political meeting and not having an opinion, how could you not have an opinion?

Edwin Poots also had  66% support for his lifetime ban on sexually active ghey men giving blood, only 28% were against it while 6%  hadn't been told what to think yet.

If there was a ban on gheys giving blood in Northern Ireland we would just get blood from England if there was a shortage. England is not as backwards as Northern Ireland and allow gheys to donate blood so this ban that Poots wants is stupid and doesn't help anyone. It targets and discriminates against turd burglars thats the only thing it does.


The UK has a state religion that is the Church of England, religion is compulsory in every school though there isn't a grade given for it. While religion gets taught to all the pupils science does not.

Only just over half the population claim to be Christian with 63% of those people not having been to a place of worship in the past year.

If you are in government you should leave yer religion at home. No swearing on the Bible or holding a prayer session and definitely no making decisions based on what Galactus, God or the Hulk would do or what you would think they would do. 

There would be a shit load of trouble if a Muslim politician tried to ban us from eating bacon wouldn't there? So why do we allow politicians to equate being Christian to being a good and moral person? 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Adams Family

Liam Adams the pedophile brother of Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has been jailed for 16 years after being convicted of raping his daughter when she was a child in the late 70's and early 80's.

Aine Dahlstrom watched her father from the public gallery as he smiled and laughed with the guards.

Gerry Adams has faced much questioning as to why he did not help his niece when he first found out about it. Mr Adams who is a sociopathic liar said, "I'll be having roast beef for tea tonight and organizing my plush Pokemon collection."

Well thats one child molesting fat fuck away for a while, well done to Aine for her bravery and go fuck yerself Gerry for being a slimy festering poncho of protection for evil scumbags, yer day of judgement will come.

Burn The Witches Of Ireland

Around Halloween I read about a so-called paranormal expert from Northern Ireland named David Fredriks aged 52.
Fredriks claims to be able to communicate with the dead and also foresee events which is why hes always on the Crimestoppers anonymous tip line telling the police about crimes before they happen .... not!

  Stop being such a selfish cunt and become a crime fighter if yer so good. 

Due to being so super-natural hes in big demand when a house or a business needs rid of some unwanted spooks, in fact demand for this is good enough that he gave up his job as a joiner(carpenter) seven years ago to concentrate full time on exorcisms or "clearings" as he calls them. 

He claims to have had prophetic dreams since the age of 4 but a serious car accident in his 20's gave him the ability to see and talk to spirits.  30 years on and you make it to my blog, I think you need more name recognition. 

"They would just come up to me. Many of them came because they didn't want to be stuck here and I was able to help them get back to where they should be."  

Maybe he does see them, especially on pension day blocking the shop aisles as they buy their cat food. 

  Tiffany Bleason aged 24 is a former Miss Northern Ireland contestant.

People in Northern Ireland seem to age faster than normal, the drinking, smoking and the unhealthy habit of constant masturbation to reality shows catches up to them in their 30's and before they know it they are old at 50 and get called an old age pensioner by mistake when the police beat them up at flag protests .

Back to the spooks!
Fredriks claims that witches are being paid to cast spells that conjure up bad spirits to destroy their business rivals.... I thought they were called Fleggers.

"There are over 44,000 practising witches in Ireland alone and a lot of them are in it for the money." 

Oh wise the fuck up, like theres money in witchcraft, no more Game of Thrones for you me lad! They have websites cos they want to sell you stuff with crystals on it.

"Some of them have websites and it is now well known that they are being used by some companies to bring up a spirit with their black magic and put it in a rival firm where it goes on to create havoc."

 My name is Raven Morgana and I'm a very powerful witch into black magic an shit.

Witches with websites, what do ya know, next there will be Christians and oh Jews online. Black magic, seriously Dave?

Hes claimed to have seen books that fly off shelves, children spinning around in their rooms at 4am if for some reason the time is important. Children can get harmed in these places and people wake up to find their clothes have been undone.

Oh no, it's not child abuse or attempted rape ...... it's a witch!!!!!

David doesn't have a website, way too evil for him no doubt, he gets business by word of mouth. Not very professional if you ask me as times are tough.
He is used to sceptics who will scoff at what he does (like Old Knudsen) which is why he is guarded about where he lives and will only say his home is in the north west of the province.... which smells like DerryLondonDerry or rape city as it's called, backwards as fuck, no wonder he sees witches instead of child molesters.

No advertising, doesn't like people to know where he is from ..... running a business while claiming benefits huh? In theory he should be able to know when the fraud squad will be round.

David sends these evil spirits and lost souls to the light and it only usually takes a few minutes to get rid of something that only he can see and hear, ya have to have video of spinning children I mean for fucks sake, get that shit on YouTube.

If you wish to book David and find out what kind of price he charges the gullible you can reach him at  



Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Richard Haass Loses The Rag

Ladies and gentlemen, since the Union flag was removed from the Belfast city hall, only to fly on designated days the Loyalist community have felt as though their culture and identity has been chipped away. I put it to you that the Loyalist community known as Fleggers only has about 9 months left to live. 
Without the constant magical power of the flag and the constant shouts of "Yeeeooowww!!!" the fleggers will stop being British and will turn into some sort of Chewbacca/Kanye West creatures.

They are not even capable of having an original idea so why do we think they can retain their culture without oppressing someone else? 
The De-flegging process is known as Degenerative Insecurity Paranoia Syndrome and without constantly seeing the Union flag, parading every week and attacking the police the fleggers will become hairy but valuable members of society who want to work hard and get a good education for themselves and their children .... I don't think that is in the best interest of Sinn Fein or the DUP.

Let them die!

I'll drink to that!

On the Facebook page Loyalists Against Democracy (LAD)  a fun comparison list between the Fleggers and the Dissidents was put up, all a bit of fun as any right minded person knows that the Loyalists and the Republicans are just as bad as each other and both Fleggers and Dissies have gone out of their way to fuck people about.  

Many people on the Republican side have been having a good laugh at the expense of the Loyalists. Every time a flegger opens his/her mouth and says something stupid it's worthy of a harsh mocking but say one thing about the dissidents then suddenly it isn't so funny. 

Dissidents have been planting bombs and hijacking vehicles in an attempt to kill, how can you defend that?
Heres how, you pretend it's MI5 doing it to make the dissidents look bad and to stir up sectarian hatred .... um I don't think they really need help with that, just ask the family and friends of  25-year-old Catholic policeman Ronan Kerr who was murdered by dissidents. I suppose that was MI5 too. 

Stories on Republican biased websites do not make it true ya know, you need to print that shit off and put it into a book, thats what makes things real..... that was sarcasm to all you sky fairy believers out there.

This thinking is exactly the same kind of thing Gerry Adams does, deny all and try to assign the blame elsewhere as it does not suit yer agenda and who cares who gets hurt.

Fleggers and Loyalist paramilitaries are synonymous with each other so the actual bomb and actual murder bits on the list are incorrect.

If you support these sectarian criminals known as Fleggers and Dissies then you are as much to blame for The Disappeared, McGurk's bar bombing, Bloody Friday, La Mon restaurant, The Kingsmill massacre, Remembrance Day bombing, Shankill Road bombing, The Greysteel massacre, The Omagh bombing and all the rest of the atrocities as they are so fuck up and stop making excuses for them.


Monday, 25 November 2013

The End Of Twitter As We Know It

If Old Knudsen had feelings they would be hurt. The world leaders no longer confide in him, maybe it has to do with Wikileaks and yer Snowden fella but Old Knudsen isn't being kept in the loop ... oh maybe it's to do with me telling everyone what they say, ya think so? ach I'm my own worse enemy.

Luckily they still do audience testing by putting out shows like Revolution and Life after people to see how they would react. It's also a public consciousness thing.

If you watch end of the world type shows then setting fire to people who might be infected will seem a bit more normal.
People actually look forward to a zombie apocalypse how fucked up is that? Well done media brainwashing and if you have OCD doesn't being a prepper seem like heaven? stock yer beans and soups in alphabetical order why don't you.

Reverse psychology, here is the bad guy .... love him.  

Oh look it's the bad guy from Revolution.
Oh look, it's Satan.
Oh look it's that other bad guy from TV .... um whats his name?

Just recently 2 US military generals and 1 Navy admiral stopped Obama from using 3 nukes, detonated simultaneously at points across the US to cause an electro magnetic pulse wiping out all unshielded electronic devices and setting the US back 200 years.

Just think of the control someone who had stock piled and was ready for an event like this would have and who would know what the fuck happened and if they did how could they report it? 

Why would he do that? .... Why would he get you addicted and dependent upon social media only to cripple you?

Because hes in league with .....  GOD!

Aye it's true, everyone fears the Devil but it's God you need to watch out for. Thanks to those 3 patriots who will very quietly lose their high level security clearance jobs cos they fucked up the plans on moving the nukes.

Now they have to go to plan B which involves letting terrorists onto American soil and throwing a lot of money towards Iran.

Ach but don't worry for Old Knudsen is here, watching the media and telling the truth. He doesn't listen to the verbal diarrhea war mongering hate speech known as Christianity. Life is full of sign posts, you just have to find them and know how to read them.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Kelly Anderson Wants Me

It feels as if Old Knudsen is losing his battle against pedos as they keep turning up in the news so here is a lass bound to turn them away from children.

Meet Kelly Anderson, soon to be Kelly Knudsen. Yes Old Knudsen will share his future wife in order to tempt Christians, Muslims, Jews and misc away from diddling children.

 A lady of poise and grace .... also a well stuffed bra.

A little too stuffed at times.

A woman of such beauty and grace is difficult to find but I found her and wait in the darkened corners and shady bushes of love I shall. Her initials are KA which is another word for soul.... it's an omen. 

 What do you mean what about those others you called yer future wife?

Wives cum and go as do potential ones.

Old Knudsen has the feeling that this is the one.

When the voice in my head said, "stalk her" Old Knudsen knew she was special, besides she lives on the way to his other potential wives who are also the one so it was all good.