Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Willie Frazer Just Wants To Watch The World Burn

When the Orange Order (or cult for fuckwits as I like to call them) called for civil disobedience no one knew what the fuck they were on about.
Our First Minister Peter Robinson, the one who called for the exact same thing last December has warned everyone not to do it this year cos he hasn't done his Christmas shopping yet . Old Knudsen who is deep under cover on several flegger pages and friends with many fleggers on Facebook has found out what they are up to.
If the fleggers could spell then this could spell The End

The Loyalists have shown who they are loyal to since it isn't our loverly Queen .... it's the Daleks!

I'm sure the top picture gave it away, then again my 3 readers aren't too bright, yes I'll put up some tits soon. For fucks sake, I'm an artist!

Exterminate! exterm-m8!  (M8 = mate for those who don't speak retard)

 We've got a man down ... aw fuck is that his testicle hanging off there? I'm gonna boak!

One of the iconic pictures of the war against themins is the water cannon blasting a wheelie bin, er sorry a Dalek through the air. According to Loyalists it was just going to the shaps when the peelers blasted it and it landed on an old man in a wheelchair and 2 small children ...... though no one except them saw it and no one went to hospital.  

Now to blow yer minds, Willie Frazer or Frazos as he is known in the Dalek community is the mastermind behind all the civil unrest, flag protests and parade riots ...... no it wasn't the UVF or the Orange Order, they aren't intelligent or powerful enough to hold sway over the mindless masses. Too busy selling drugs and selling hypocrisy, respectively.  

Did you really he was stupid enough to turn up to a court hearing dressed as a pirate and calling the judge me heartie
Did you really take him as a mumbling bumbling culchie who set his on car on fire and threw paint on his own hoose to blame the Fenians?  ...... well ok you may be right there. 

Frazos is an evil mastermind ... there is no IRA he made up the whole thing. Sorry you Fenian cocksucking cowards but you don't exist and never did. Yer programmed jello with artificial intelligence and flavouring. 

Don't worry, Old Knudsen has used his Timelard abilities and got these armour upgrades from the future for the police to fight the Daleks. What could possibly go wrong? 

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