Monday, 7 October 2013

Why The Long Face?

Princess Anne, the royal that has been known to wear the same outfit more than once has jumped on the celebrity bandwagon of adoption.

On seeing Annie the 14 year-old Welsh Cob at a horse welfare charity in Somerset the princess's heart melted. "It was like looking in a mirror" gushed the royal as she munched on some sugar lumps. "I needed a horse that would fit in and Annie has the right name and the right look to help me on my 200 acre Gloucestershire estate, helping me herd the sheep, cattle and any escaped hobos, nasty fellows."
The princess feeding Tojo strips of human flesh to get it ready for the famous Gatcombe Park hobo run.

Two years ago she rescued a man eating panda from being put doon after it mauled to death 14 Chinese rail workers.
Tojo the panda is now famous for the annual Gatcombe Park hobo run the princess hosts on her estate every year.
Hobos are released onto her 200 acre wooded estate and hunted doon by trained animals like Tojo or by royals and their guests on horseback using lances and crossbows. 

The royals react as Tojo rips apart some hobos.

It is thought that the government will introduce a new law stating that if you can survive the Gatcombe Park hobo run then and only then will you be eligible to receive government benefits. No one has ever survived Gatcombe Park hobo run.

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