Saturday, 5 October 2013

Twaddell Hoors Need Police Brutality Without Lube

£55,000 a night to police the so-called civil rights camp at Twaddell so their hoors can wrap up in my flag and spread their legs on police landrovers.  Ugly looking people with ugly hearts, why can't the police just open fire? they aren't really human ya know. 

You can't whine about yer culture and heritage and demand that others respect it when yer pissing all over the culture and heritage of others .... the Nazis did that sort of shite. Unless you served in the armed forces and vote, don't fucking talk to me about flags and upholding rights.... oh and don't hi-jack the sacrifice of soldiers who died for their cuntry so you could be a fat, drunken, lazy fucker.    

In normal cuntries with police brutality against law breakers this would not be happening. Fuck the schools, fuck the healthcare system and economy, we'll waste all the tax payer money and try to bankrupt the police ...... sounds like that would benefit the agenda of criminals like the UVF to me.

The Loyalist underclass want the Union flag to fly all the time and where ever they want it and they want to be able to march and play their offensive tunes every where .... Too much time on their hands maybe? Lets make them work for their welfare benefits, that is what the government is saying. 

There are no proper jobs with proper wages but it will keep them off the streets. 

Old Knudsen will be mainly enjoying his culture today. 

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