Sunday, 27 October 2013

Taste My Post

Hello Sunday morning Christian pedos, thinking about kiddies as usual? well quit it and quit yer Gog because any Gog that turns it's followers into child molesters is wrong .... just sayin like.

Why the boob hand bras? while men go gag gag over tits weemen shrug and say, "they are only breasts wise up!"
 I don't care what you say just show me yer tits! .... it's as easy as that.

Oh and yer arse, I don't wan to forget that. So you Christians out there are saying, "children have arses too, why should we change"?

If you have to ask then just punch yerself in the head, has religion taken all yer free thought or did you not have any before?
Even yon shitty tramp stamp can't spoil this arse. Old Knudsen doesn't care if shes a real minger in the face department, he'd use her shite as toothpaste.

Yes I know, some pedos just like boys, here is a picture of my young friend Angelo. Since Old Knudsen taught the ancient Greeks and the Spartans how to wrestle, young Angelo came to Old Knudsen for lessons ..... nothing untoward going on here just oiled up naked Greek wrestling.... like real men do.  

As well as hanging boobs, Old Knudsen also appreciates a nicely curved back but this post isn't about him it's about YOU! Ach her hair is just so lush and wavy Old Knudsen would think twice about giving it a pull as he demolishes her back door.

Chicks with curves are on Old Knudsen's Christmas list for this year, I hope I don't have to go and get them myself.
This distorted barbie doll porn star has run for governor of Callyfornia a couple of times. Old Knudsen thinks there should be more porn stars in government roles but thats just how he roles.....

I leave you with an almost perfect woman. Old Knudsen has contacted her with a marriage proposal and is awaiting an answer, shes Ukrainian and my Ukrany is a little rusty but the pics I sent along with the proposal should give her the gist of my e-mail. 

Now go you Christians and think about yer disgusting base desires, Old Knudsen knows best for he is the wey.  

Repent and cum onto me. Yer Ma 69:69 

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