Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Shaken Not Stroked

Thank fuck Andrew Parker is going to be the new head of MI5, ol Johnny Evans was an ok boss and made sure we got plenty of smoke breaks but the man was a little scatter brained.  

Mr Parker says:

The Irish dissident republicans are ragged remnants of a bygone age, we have the beggars clearly in our sights. Those Al-Qaeda chappies are a dire threat to the UK but no fuzzy will have us quivering in fear, we shall stand strong against those nasty wogs and give them a taste of British steel! The thin red line has been drawn!   

About time, someone modern with a finger on the pulse of current events. We'll kick yon Irish terrorists and their Islamic friends in the arse..... then we'll take on Germany again. 

Gog save yon Queen! 

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