Saturday, 19 October 2013

Rock Of Ages .... Down

Scout leader Glenn Taylor was filmed using his fat body weight to a push over a 170 million-year-old red rock in Goblin Valley State Park Utah.

They had been leading a small group of scouts in studying the spectacular, beautiful and ancient rock formations and then decided to push one over .... like you do, if yer a cunt.

These rednecked looking fat fucks cheered and gave high fives as the rock toppled over ..... Old Knudsen is pissed off.
Then they lied, oh we had to push it over cos it looked loose and what if it fell and hurt somebody?

Away an fuck you pseudo Christian lard boys.

You aren't strong fat ass, you wedged yerself in and pushed, Old Knudsen is so annoyed that he wants to fight you .... and yer friends.

I don't like the Boy Scouts of America as scouting is too Hitler youth like and brainy washing. The American boy scouts have also hid and defended pedos in their ranks over the decades and to top it off they don't like fags.

These monster truck loving, beer bellied arseholes are no role model for kids, I bet they flick towels at each other in the changing rooms and make little timmy plays sports even though hes sensitive and is embarrassed at being bad at sports.

The scout leaders have received death threats because of their actions from all over the world. In Old Knudsen's mind they are just as bad as those that deface gravestones and are on the same level as the Tallyban when they destroyed the 1,700-year-old sandstone statues of Buddha.

This is why we can't have nice things. Cunts like these are everywhere but in the US they might actually have to pay the price and face a felony charge.  

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