Sunday, 20 October 2013

Out Of Yer League But You Can Dream

Hello kiddy fiddling Christians, spread the word it's Old Knudsen's Sunday temptation. Boy Scouts of America, The Catholic church, you uptight Prods of all flavours that seem to all taste like shite and hey even yon Muslims as Christianity and Islamic-ness all cum from the Jews .... might as well mention those hooked nosed money lenders too cos they touted on Jesus and suck children's willys when circumcising them. Look at these loverly weemen and repent.

I'm not even going to try to convince the members of NAMBLA to move onto adults, I'd just have those cunts executed for the good of the many.

   Say what you want about gravity, Old Knudsen likes the hanging doon boobies. 

I don't like weemen with clothes on or the colour purple but I really like this.

Those 6X6 white tiles really compliment those baps, well done lass. 

One for the few female predators out there, a rising star in military intelligence, I taught him all I know .... which didn't take that long.

This lass tried to seduce Old Knudsen but first she got a taste of my tongue, "NO FUCKING HIGH HEELS ON MY NEW LEATHER COUCH!" some folks are just so obsessed with sex that they don't think..... then she got a taste of my tongue.
She looks like the grateful sort, I think I've done well with my temptations this week. I'll stop at eight.

Remember, if there is no hair then don't go there ..... what if they shave? ach don't fucking well confuse me catchy slogan. 


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