Tuesday, 29 October 2013

No One To Talk To


This story about a Polish gurl bugged Old Knudsen and has stuck in his brain.  Maria Kislo aged 12 lost her dad Arek when he died suddenly in 2009 of a massive heart attack.

Maria didn't really talk about it and seemed, considering the circumstances to be a happy gurl with no problems in school. She was discovered hanging in her room by her mother Monika, when she went to read her a bedtime story.

Next to her body was a short note saying: 'Dear Mum. Please don't be sad. I just miss daddy so much, I want to see him again.'

A sad story I'm sure you'll agree.

What bugged me the most was what kind of arsehole Gog bothering story she was told to think that if she died she'd see her dad again?
Clearly the lass was depressed and no one caught it but to tell her she'd see her dad again after death, that is just cruel.  

If any of yous believe you'll see yer dead relatives again after death then fair play to you, I'm sure you'll also meet up with Santa and Thor. 

Who the fuck came back from death and told everyone about the family reunion up on some clouds when you cark it?

Someone probably told her "don't worry, someday you'll see yer father again" and thought that was a comfort. No! he has left this world.

You don't fucking well know whats going to happen and to fill a child's head with this imaginary sky fairy friend shit doesn't help.

Four years on and she was at the point to slowly strangle herself to death rather than live with her mother and brother.
Maybe if they left out the preaching shit and talked to her like a person during those 4 years she might still be alive.

Her mother said, "I had no idea she missed her father so much, she never really spoke about it" ... and you never asked?

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