Wednesday, 23 October 2013

My Milkshake Sends All The Boys To The Showers

Old Knudsen doesn't do sport, he doesn't run and doesn't like to see others running ... unless it's jiggly weemen in slo-mo.
Football/soccer in particular has always seemed more than a little ghey, not that there is anything wrong with fudge packing or bean flicking but why all the anger? football fans are notorious for being angry which is probably due to not being allowed to express their inner princess without their mates making fun of them.

Not knowing that their mates feel the same and so the only way to express themselves is with violence because they can't verbalize their emotions. Many unhappily married Presbyterians are on the doon low too, about 94% if I had to give a figure.

Trust Old Knudsen hes a doctor, well not in this cuntry, over in the Eastern Block but still I've handed out drugs and have given bad health advice so trust him.  

So anyway enough about pent up sexual repression ..... as I said to Edwin Poots the other day as he tried to get ghey men banned from, well just banned.

 Now onto Northern Ireland's world famous 'Milk cup' I don't know what world it's famous on. 

A footie tournament sponsored by the diary industry for the past 30 years. Such a nice event that they let USA win 3-0 in 2010, even Old Knudsen knows that the US suck at soccer. At the end of it the winner gets the trophy and a couple of hot chicks pour milk everywhere, makes sense. 

Then the pizza delivery guy shows up and says, "hey mind if I join in?" and they young white gurls gasp at his huge black cock dripping with semi skimmed ..... did I mention he was black? aye, fuckin immigrants coming over here and bumming our football players with their large unbaptised dicks. 

So anyway the Milk mafia or the Dairy council or whatever (great research Old Knudsen, fuck off one of the many voices in my hed) isn't going to sponsor it anymore. They said it was a difficult decision and it wasn't the sport it was them, time to move on . 

Old Knudsen (not a ghey sports fan) will miss images such as this. Tournament organizers have to find a new sponsor and cum up with a new name. The only interest shown so far has been from the Bukkake Corporation of Japan..... ya didn't see that coming.  Cum cup, nah cum bucket sounds good, I hope yer Ma doesn't sue for copyright infringement. 


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