Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Kim Jong Un-Happy Family

 We are a very happy family, look we smile!

Kim Jong Un the leader of North Korea Googles his name more times than Jamie Bryson and Kim Kardashian put together and like his father he loves the media but from a distance.

Old Knudsen gets many hits on his blog site meter from North Korea and for a time last year Old Knudsen swears he was being followed by little Asian peeple with long needles for fingers who spat out tiny silver ball bearings that flew with wings similar to that of a fly.

So ... fight through the medication haze and stay on track. Kim has become obsessed with zombies. Nearly as much as his basketball obsession which is huge.  

He has constant zombie nightmares

Hes seen them all, Dawn of the dead, Day of the dead, Donna of the dead, Specials of the day, I am legend, I am Sam, 40 days of night, The day the fleg stood still, Zombieworld ...... not to be confused with Zombieland which is the original in Callyfornia.
You get the idea, the bloke is immersing himself in zombies which sounds ... kinda hawt!

 Even the freshly dead need love too. 

I wouldn't be surprised if he kidnapped one of the directors and some of the Walking Dead actors to make movies, you know, like his Da did in the 80's. 

  As long as he doesn't take Daryl then we can still continue the show. 

Taking inspiration from the movie World War Z which he has viewed 58 times so far, he has started to remove the teeth of 24 million of his own people so they can't bite and spread any zombie virus . 

Dentures are allowed for some government workers but they must be signed in and out. Kim Jong Un also doesn't vaccinate against chicken pox, thats just because hes a cunt. 

We so happy, we no need teeth and we still love you long time or for a duration as directed by the very fair regime of North Korea. 

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