Friday, 11 October 2013

Edwin Poots Is An Incompetent Bigot

Northern Ireland health minister and Old Bitter Balls favourite Edwin Poots really does not like women choosing their own healthcare decisions.
I wonder what he thought about Savita Halappanavar who was denied an abortion in the Republic of Ireland (a different cuntry than Northern Ireland ... it's complicated) even though her baby didn't stand a chance of surviving and would kill her if she didn't have an abortion.

 'Why the fuck is Ireland getting all liberal on abortion over yon immigrant? she wasn't even Christian.'

A health minister who is a Creationist, Old Knudsen can't get over that one, if he took a school science test he'd fail cos he doesn't know what germs are.  He wants to keep Northern Ireland refusing abortion just like the ROI and not have the same sane liberal laws as they have in England ..... because? it's a slippery slope to abortion on demand he says with a sneer. 

You want to be British but not follow British law? yer retarded aren't you? The English can kill babies, are you saying we aren't as good as them or something? Are our weemen not able to decide for themselves?

Where is yer vagina Mr Poots? You are not qualified to make this call, yer psychosis with yer imaginary friend in the sky is impairing yer judgement. Wheres the folic acid Mr Poots? why does no one know they need folic acid during pregnancy ?


The current story is a very sad one along the lines of Savita. Sarah Ewart who was just married in June was 20 weeks pregnant and went to the hospital for a scan last Thursday.

The scan did not detect any sign of her baby's head, so she was sent for further tests at the Ulster Hospital.

She was told the baby had anencephaly - which is the worst case of spina bifida.  From the eyes up no skull had formed and it was brain dead.

 Did I mention that gheys shouldn't be allowed to give blood? it's in the Bible ya know.

The only way she could have an abortion was if there was a threat to her life. What they were fine to do was scan her every two weeks and wait until the baby had died inside her and then induce labour.  

Half a head, not traumatic enough for you Mrs Ewart? then wait weeks for yer baby to die inside you.

She went on to say:  "I didn't agree with abortion but this is medical - this is a dead body I'm being forced to carry in Northern Ireland because of this silly law."

She went to Belfast which has the only 'woman well being' clinic on the whole island of Ireland (Poots is still fighting to get it closed) but the baby had progressed to far for them to do anything. While there she was confronted by angry anti-choice protesters that got in her face shouting about how ashamed she should be feeling at wanting to end the life of an unborn baby.   

Traumatised enough Mrs Ewart?

There was one clinic in London who does late stage abortions and thats where Sarah had to go. The procedure cost £1350 and then you have the flight over and accommodation and London ain't cheap. All this paid for by her. 
Poor brave woman, now a week later after finding out her baby was doomed she is out in front of the cameras telling her story so that it might help others.

After Savita people in the north said, 'it couldn't happen here' .... like fuck it couldn't. Stormont has been delaying making any firm decisions and so doctors do not want to make any calls that would have them breaking the law so their motto to do no harm is just a load of shite. 

Poots is still delaying making any firm laws because he'd rather have people die than leave the door open for 'abortion on demand' ..... not just simply abortion, but abortion on demand, cos that sounds worse. 
When asked if he would change the legislation he replied, "we'll be taking a look at that and other things" ..... which means, this storm will blow over and I'm doing fuck all to change it. 

People who care about unborn babies but don't give a fuck about people who have been born are fucktards. 
Poots doesn't try to help children live a long happy life, he'd rather see them going from home to home than let a stable ghey couple adopt. Hes wasting thousands in tax payer money fighting the gheys in court.

This raging homophobe and misogynist needs to fired and kicked back to his farm .... hospital waiting times have doubled since direct rule from London, you incompetent bigoted flappy eared farmer!      

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