Friday, 20 September 2013

Willie Frazer Or Won't He?

Flag protester, victims advocate and space cadet Willie Frazer has said that he intends to dress up as radical Muslim cleric Abu Hamza for his next court appearance in protest of the charges against him.

He is charged with six offences of inciting others to break the law in speeches he spewed out in front of Belfast city hall. The law was originally introduced to deal with radical fundamentalists which Willie, like it or not is.

"It's so ridiculous that I might as well go as a Muslim, that law was brought in to deal with Muslim extremists in the UK, and the first person to be charged with it is myself – a man who has never had a parking ticket in his life." ....... well not since he set fire to his own car pretending it was the IRA out to get him.

"The whole thing is a mockery so I may as well go along with it. I am seriously considering it."

"The only way to get through to these people is to send a message that we're not going to sit back and take it from them."
And an attachment to that message saying that Willie Frazer is a crazed radical fundamentalist so confident in their own beliefs that they are unwilling to think reasonably and consider other perspectives .... like Catholics aren't all terrorists and he isn't too far off Abu Hamaz.

"There is a very serious message – that's what you get for watching your family murdered over 40 years and trying to defend law and order." ...... oh not that again, murder is a terrible thing but if only they had got you too.
I hope he does dress as him, hook and all as me blog needs some funny and Willie brings the funny. 

Willie previously dressed as Willie Nelson during a court appearance as a protest against the IRA run pop music industry.

Protestant extremists should not be prosecuted by the same laws as the ragheads, nor should they have to use the same toilets as Catholics have used, separate laws for Gog's chosen people. Yes the poor uneducated, dimwitted beer bellied,  Protestant Loyalist community are better than everyone else ...... for some reason.   

All Willie Frazer wants is peace ...... for Protestants and for the IRA/any Catholic person to be deported to the Republic of Ireland.
He wants every security force person who died during the Troubles to have a parade and he wants newborn babies to be wrapped in a Union flag instead of a blanket. 

He will dress and appear as anyone he has to in order to make his message heard. You may never even know it's him as hes such a master of disguise.   

If he isn't a Radical fundamentalist then why is he tagged in the Urban Dictionary as one?

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