Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Truth About America


Edward Snowden found out which is why he fled to Russia, Christopher Dorner found out which is why he wanted payback, Aaron Alexis found out which is why he went on a shooting spree in a Naval yard. 

Something is just not right with America and it goes to the top. 

Secretary of state John Kerry during a speech on why we should blow up Syria, notice his face and the way it isn't so symmetrical, ever notice what a large face Kerry has? 

For a split second the picture distorts, I've slowed this down to 5 delisecs as it happens so fast you'd never see it otherwise.  
You can see something is happening and whats with that light from his pin? 

And his face is normal and the light has changed colour. 

Back to good lookin. All this took place within a split second and the world never knew but now we know, the US government is ......

Update: There is no story here, a camera flash must have caught on his pin and reflected on dirt on the TV camera lens while Mr Kerry's latest shot of botox kicked in, now lets bomb Syria, they are bad and should be punished. 

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