Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Sunday Spank

Due to my commitments of unlawfully parading I almost didn't post but then I saw a Christian man of God and the lust for children was dripping from his eyes. I have to post to make those people see that adult weemen are hotter than kids.

This lady looks angry so you'd better make sure you aren't a noob in the sack. She looks like the kind of woman who flicks yer balls and calls you bitch ..... ya know like yer Ma.

I thought that this was an interesting print she had on her wall and oh THOSE NIPPLES!!!

"Never mind tits Soren I want to see some muff" ---- says Pastor Kevin from Dartington. No probs Kev except this young lady seems to suffer from muff pattern baldness, hope it doesn't spoil it for you.
Now this isn't something you see everyday .... unless yer Old Knudsen of course, which I don't think you are. 
You don't have to remove yer clothes to have some sexy fun, a doorway will do just fine.

Old Knudsen doesn't like to brag, you know me but this was last night's lucky lass. A rite classy lady who said "excuse me" when she farted, she refused to sleep on the wet patch, which to be honest is the whole bed after Old Knudsen is through. "Wake up lass, it's time to make me a cup of tae before you get the fuck out."

Old Knudsen just made a load of people bend their necks with this pic ... ha ha the power I have over you.

As stated before, Old Knudsen really doesn't like to brag but he will anyway. Me cock is the perfect sex weapon that weemen get turned to jelly, forget how to speak and can't walk for a day or two ..... or maybe it's the drugs I slip em.

Thats yer sexy Sunday over, do not be ashamed of yer bodies .... except Joanne from Cardiff, stop sending me selfies you mis-shapen dog of war.

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