Monday, 16 September 2013

The Sex Party Wants You!

Did the fake boobs get yer attention? I'm calling on the good people of Ulster .... but not those from Ballymena, Larne or Lurgan to step up and give a voice to peace love and harmony.

Clever American Richard Haass is in talks with all the political parties of Northern Ireland and even the Orange Order to see if he can make sense of this shithole known as Northern Ireland. Go right HERE and put yer valuable opinion in the box and send it off.He wants to hear from the pleb in the street, thats YOU!

OOOHHH I think that giving an intelligent and reasonable opinion is soooo sexy, do me now. 

 Check it out bitches, today's paper .... Old Knudsen had to cum back from exile to sort yous out.

In case you don't know what to write here are the main points. Loyalists bad, Shiners bad, all paramilitaries ... bad, Orange Order bad. 

Segregated schools and housing is bad, Integrated schools and shared estates without flegs good.  

The PSNI need to pull their finger out and arrest people and keep the peace afterwards ..... ya know, their job. 

Parades should be held at a venue and not on the streets and organisers need to carry insurance and provide own security and clean up. 

Murals, flegs and other emblems off the streets, if you don't own it then don't fucking well paint in or put a fleg on it. 

No conflict of interest with government employees being in the Orange Order.

Fire the Stormont executive for not doing their job and put Old Knudsen in charge. 

Performance reviews from London on how well the top ministers are doing to make Northern Ireland a shared land for all and executions for those who fail. 

So stop yer whining about the fleggers and actually do something for the place you live in. Old Knudsen can change public opinion with his words and so can you ..... if you use Old Knudsen's words.  If you missed it click HERE for the submissions page for the panel of parties in the NI executive. 

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