Sunday, 29 September 2013

Sunday Slap

So I wandered in from the pub after celebrating Ulster day, aye it was a great event, thousands of people unwittingly showing their support for the UVF terrorists by celebrating the original UVF from WWI who were sectarian bigots, not terrorists.

Old Knudsen was so caught up in the day that he forgot to have a Sunday post.

Some of yous just read me blog for the Sunday slappers but Old Knudsen doesn't care, hes had the fame and adulation over the years, hes already told the jokes you are telling today and think you made up.
Hes seen the rise and fall of trends, now he is content with putting out hot naked weemen to tempt away Christian pedos from the childer.

Look at these goddesses, don't listen to yer Bible yer Koran or even the neighbor's dog. Sex with consenting adults good, sex with vulnerable children bad. 

Who gives a fuck what Jesus or Mohammed tapped all those years ago? they were very bad men.

Well that escalated quickly.
As Old Knudsen sits here with his cheap vodka and loaded service revolver in the wee hours of the morning he thinks that maybe there is a tad too much Loyalist culture, I bet while the culture goes on thats when the likes of the UVF make their money with smuggled ciggies, children, petrol and drugs. If they legalized cigarettes,children, petrol and drugs then you wouldn't have this criminal behaviour.

Saucy weemen and loyal pet dogs make this life bearable, I'll put me revolver away for now .... on second thoughts there are a lot of sirens out tonight I think Lola will be coming to bed with Old Knudsen.
Enjoy yer Sunday, Old Knudsen will be in a foul mood and I don't mean craving for KFC, get it foul/fowl ach fuck off ya humourless flegger.

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