Friday, 27 September 2013

Stick A Plug In It

Plumber and aquarium shop operator David Justino aged 44 is a hero, no doubt about that but I just wish he'd shut the fuck up.

A British tourist Sian Green was walking in Midtown Manhattan when a taxi cab mounted the sidewalk, hit and almost killed her.
The cab drove by Faysal Himon who may or may not be a terrorist was aiming at a bike messenger he had just argued with but hit Green instead and severed her foot which resulted in part of her leg being amputated.

While the people of New York taped the carnage on their phones and updated Twitter, Justino rushed forward and put a tourniquet around her leg with his belt saving her from bleeding to death.

  Foot model Sian Green has had her work cut down by 50%

Justino received some attention for being a hero and even had 21 August named David Justino day. Soon afterwards he was fired from his plumbing job at Bass Plumbing and Heating Corp. Plumbing foreman Justino was one of three union plumbers laid off due to lack of jobs but Justino has decided it was because they didn't like the attention he got.

Oh c'mon, were the other two heroes as well? Justino should know after an accident like that 'shit happens' there are plenty of heroes that have lost far more and you don't hear them making their former employers look like dicks and whining in the media about it, yes you do have a mortgage to pay and it was pretty lousy timing but really shut up!

"I wasn't going to let that cab take her life. God's biggest gift is life … I wouldn't let this thing happen. Not on my watch."

That is really nice, quite noble ..... and also.

"I should have kept on walking like everybody else. I'd be putting in pipe instead of worrying about paying my bills."   

I put in pipe ..... just ask yer Ma.

I'm sure the girl will feel really happy about that, now on top of her whole world upside doon and having to walk with a plastic leg she has guilt about being the reason you lost yer job.
If yer a good plumber and don't get on like a self-entitled cock head you'll be fine and will get another job.

Bass Plumbing has said:

“In no way did the attention or time spent with the media cause any problem for the company.”

I would have thought that having a hero plumber in yer company would be a bonus, unless of course he was a slack fucker who got on like a twat. Justino did have some personality issues with his supervisor but really, if there was so much work going around then why are you working in a pet shop too?

It was bad timing for getting fired..... No one gets fired for being a hero.  

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