Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sexy Tesco

As you all know, Old Knudsen just finished his contract working on advertising with Tesco. I must say it was quite progressive going with me and it paid well even though they went with the more tame suggestions.

When you see their in-store advertisements I want you to think of Old Knudsen. If it was up to him you'd have signs that say suck my plums and deep throat a nan na bitch.

On the oranges the ideas I came up with were we oranges say fuck the pope but that was a little too political for Tesco but I don't know why they didn't use let the juice just splurt all over your face.

Old Knudsen isn't ghey or a yuppy and so doesn't eat fruit or veg unless you count chips and mixed pickles. He doesn't drink coffee either but did give NescafĂ© the slogan, flick yer bean for the perfect wake up which went with NescafĂ© instant flicked beans, ach yer bound to remember. 

I the 60's Heinz needed a slogan, I came up with Beanz Meanz yer slack fucking parents that can't be arsed to cook yer kids real meals but someone changed it to the slightly more catchier Beanz Meanz Heinz .... which wasn't too bad.

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