Thursday, 12 September 2013

Rats In Space

Bob Geldof  the 61 year-old has said, 'fuck the Africans and will be shot into space.  Well he'll really just fly 64 miles above the Earth’s surface in a two-person Lynx Mark II spaceplane.

He'll be 2 miles into space, but is that enough? Can we not send him to Mars or somewhere? Geldof will be the first Irishman in space, what if he makes first contact with an alien? ..... that would really piss off the Orange Order, "them uns get everything, what did he say to them about us?"

Not like they would be able to understand him as he munches on space potatoes and drinks pints of space beer. 

"Hello Mr Alien, I'm Sir Bob Gelfdof a great hero and superstar from the planet Earth, can you help feed the poor?"

I would be happy to feed off your poor .... nom nom nom.   

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