Monday, 2 September 2013

Obama Wants To Kill Women

President Assad of Syria is taking a leaf out of Colonel Gaddafi and has recruited 500 weemen to make up for military losses.
Does that mean they are low on male soldiers?

Females in the Syrian army wear a large ribbed strap on to strike fear up the enemy.  

So far there has been a lot of talk from Obama about war crimes etc, his allies seem to have lost faith in the US and unlike the Gulf war and the wars of terror they have backed away. The UK said no to a strike on Syria even though David Cameron was positively moist at the idea, the Germans want to negotiate a peace, the French who at first said they were ready for a fight saw what little support Obama had so then said, "um maybe we should talk."

In 2005 the US used white phosphorous in Falluja. It isn't on the list of chemical weapons because you are supposed to use it as a flare, once it gets used against enemy soldiers then it becomes a chemical weapon. It burns people down to the bone, the US military used it to flush out the enemy.
 Israel has hot military chicks.

In 2008 Israel used white phosphorus shells on the Palestinians in Gaza which is in breach of all international conventions ..... how could the US condemn them, they sold the weapons to Israel and they have done it themselves, besides they do need the breathing room. 

 I don't always use nerve gas but when I do the Americans tell me where to fire it.

In 1988 during the Iran/Iraq war the US saw via satellites that Iran was about to get the upper hand. So they told the Iraqis where the Iranian troops where, fully knowing that Saddam would attack them  with chemical weapons. 
Not even mentioning the 5,000 Kurdish civilians he gassed in 88.

The recently declassified CIA documents tell all about how the Reagan admin helped Iraq, knowing what the consequences would be as Iran could not be allowed to win.  

 What did you say Obama? I can't hear you over the screaming.

Syria has not actually signed the UN's chemical weapons convention so technically they haven't broken any international law, just a bit of local genocide. 

Assad is no stranger to killing his own people, his Shabiha gangstas rape and kill whole villages in his name but that doesn't mean that he launched this chemical attack. The Muslim brotherhood often get their hands on Syrian weapons. 

Saddam dead, Gaddafi dead, Egypt is killing Muslims by the hundreds, Nigeria under attack from Boko Haram disrupting it's oil and spam e-mail production and Syria has been weakened by civil war ..... in fact all the countries that America frees tend to end up in worse shape than before. Hard to produce oil when you are fighting a civil war but it does make it easier for others to move in to do so for you ...... at a cost. 

Divide and conquer and get those oil prices up for our Saudi Allies, you know, the ones who fund the Arab spring and provide weapons to whatever rebels they like. 

It's generally agreed that Syria will be a tough nut to crack as they have numerous surface to air missile systems ... the best the Russians have, also they have the Russians themselves ... who have the Chinese and the Iranians. 

Why the outrage now Obama? considering all the other atrocities you've ignored I kinda don't believe you grew a conscience, you are after all a lawyer.

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