Monday, 9 September 2013

Now We Like Jihadists?

 Ya know what pisses Old Knudsen off? John fucking McCain thats what. Hes the senile senator from Arizona who thought running with Sarah Palin would make him president in 2010.

He recently backed the bombing of Syria and is all for backing the rebels fighting against Syria's President Bashar al-Assad.
Hey but aren't those rebels Islamists?  Old Man McCain knows all that, the 77 year-old who spends his day playing poker and Angry birds on his phone and wondering why hes wet has decided that the Free Syrian Army are cuddly Islamists or as he put put it "moderates."

Ach look at them, lovely fellas. Smiling, doing peace signs with their AK-47's don't you just want to pinch their wee cheeks? How could I ever doubt McCain? 

Oh yeah thats how, the American flegger Sarah Palin. "We're all Arizonans now." --Sarah Palin, defending Arizona's new law cracking down on illegal immigration.

What started as a nice little secular revolution has now become all out jihad. Jabhat al-Nusra is a jihadist paramilitary group that has been fighting along side of the Free Syrian Army, at first they were small in number they had the cool weapons and the fighting skills the FSA didn't have so plenty of rebel scum joined them .... hey if the west isn't going to back them then they'll take what they can get.
Al-Qaeda factions in Iraq and Hamas have been crossing the borders to join the group swelling their numbers greatly, German intelligence has it at 95% of rebels are not Syrian. 

Look at the helpful young man in black with the UN observers, nice Al-Qaeda flag on yer arm. The influx of foreign fighters explains why whole villages of Christians have been wiped out, just ask Father Francois Murad about that .... oh you can't cos yon moderate rebels beheaded him. 

Hardly freedom fighters Mr Obama.

It's really bad when you find yerself siding with Vladimir Putin on something .... the war in Syria not hugging big giant cocks.
Old Knudsen said he didn't think that the US would attack Syria and so far hes still right, of course funding the rebels doesn't count, they've been doing that via the Saudis long before this began. 

Toppling Middle eastern cuntries like dominoes.

If Ass-wad gets overthrown there will have to be another war to get rid of the radicals and I really don't fancy the Free Syrian Armies chances there.

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