Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Kill Yer Speed Not The Children

All the children go and play on a busy motorway.

A council in Leicester .... England, has come up with an interesting way to slow motorists doon. Old Knudsen is a very careful driver, unless something gets in his way.

 Like children ....

Outside a primary school they have put up concrete bollards that resemble children-ish. Aye that is bound to slow you doon as you go WHAT THE FUCK?

Of course people might just aim for them.

People are bound to hit this one and then suddenly everyone is Trayvon again.... yawn!

People have complained that they'll distract drivers and that their eyes are creepy and someone is bound to draw a penis on them at sometime ..... cos thats what they do here. They should have made the kids texting, like they do in real life.

Don't call me creepy, love me....

Like Scarecrows people will adjust to them and then ignore them. Each figure cost the council £350 and is part of an overall road safety initiative costing  £230,000.

Other measures include a  20mph speed limit ..... huh? 10mph would be better but who listens to Old Knudsen? Hes seen a child get hit at a school when the car was doing around 20mph. Do you want to run to yer child lying on the road with her bone sticking out of her leg because car and child were not paying attention?

Use the money to have a cop on hand and that way yer making money and enforcing the law, jobs a good un.

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