Saturday, 14 September 2013

Jamie Bryson's Opinion Is Needed Stat!

 Total attention hoor, hes already done the tattoo so next it will be adopting a black baby.

Well done to Jamie Bryson, he got onto the newspapers for doing nothing. Bryson who has deep seeded insecurities and feelings of inadequacy constantly seeks attention. He was never hugged as a child, unless you count his uncle Lester of whom he never speaks about.

The only problem with getting featured by the Belfast Telegraph is if they don't like you they keep using stock photos of you when yer not at yer best.

So when Jamie Bryson said it was ok to sing we are the billy boys during a football match the Telegraph referred to him as.

Flag protester and former mascot for the Northern Ireland football team..... Yes they made sure to use the picture too.

The song The Billy boys is from the 1930's and sung by a Protestant Glasgow street gang led by Billy Fullerton a former member of the British Fascists and total wife beater who let others do the fighting against men for him.

Bryson thinks that singing, " We're up to our knees in fenian blood surrender or you'll die" is fine and not sectarian. he thinks it's "no more sectarian than the Fields Of Athenry."

The Fields of Athenry  is a song from 1800's famine struck Ireland about a bloke in prison for stealing food for his starving family ..... not very sectarian at all, there is a line that says "Against the Famine and the Crown I rebelled they ran me down" sure didn't Byrson's bosses the UVF rebel against the crown too, everyone is doing it ffs.

What would you do for yer family? would you steal some corn? or wade in fenian blood? 

Ex-con Bryson is out of bail after he rebelled against the crown over the Queen's decision not to fly her own flag every day over Belfast city hall.

The rebel Bryson enjoyed his time in prison, his twerking was a favourite of the other inmates.

Jamie Bryson ya wee ugly spide, yer stupid as fuck, next you'll say throwing golf balls at the homes of Catholics isn't sectarian. Quit trying to make comparisons to justify yer bad behaviour,"well they threw petrol bombs 2 years ago so we should be able to do it as well .... so we should."

Take responsibility like a man for once and just stop and say, "you know, this isn't right, I'm better than that " not that I should really expect decent behaviour from you ya bigoted criminal. 

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