Thursday, 26 September 2013

Ian Paisley Jr Says "No Nepotism In The DUP, Just Ask My Da"

Nepotism is a national past time in Northern Ireland. You deal with someone incredibly stupid that doesn't know their job and you think, 'I wonder who they are related to in order to get this job.'

Recently an SDLP politician Conall McDevitt was found to be hiring his wife as a researcher, he also had other sneaky income he didn't declare and resigned. 

Now we get DUP politician Robin Newton who not only employs his wife but also his son. He used to employ his daughter but the rules "toughened" and so he had to fire the bitch ..... he never liked her anyway. 
Back to the pole with ya 

They always use the excuse, 'they were the best people for the role' well wasn't it lucky Mr Newton found 3 people perfect for the job and what a happy coincidence they were all his family.   

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