Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Edwin Poots Is A Big Eared Cunt And Should Resign

The real world doesn't know who Edwin Poots is and rightly so. He is of little importance to the world but here in Northern Ireland he is the minister of the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety. DHSSPS if you will.......... no its not from yon movie Brazil its a real governmental dept.... no seriously.

A member of the Democratic Unionist Party which has strong links to those fantastic fanatics of the free Presbyterian church and of course the insidious Caliban who want all children to learn fairy stories rather than science.

Mr Poots as well as being a Christian farmer is a Young Earth Creationist that believes the earth is 4000 years old.  How can an educated man high up in the Northern Ireland government think like this? Cos hes a fucking moron!

And Hes in charge of our fucking healthcare!!!

Since Direct rule from London, NHS waiting times have doubled, yes the NHS sucks but Mr Poots would no doubt put that doon to Vampires. Accident & Emergency services at Belfast City Hospital closed due to a shortage of doctors .....where are the doctors Mr Poots?

When workers went on strike in 2011 because of health service budget cuts of £2.3bn in 4 years, Mr Poots criticized the decision to strike, stating it will affect patients and cause unnecessary disruption..... unlike yer budget cuts, 4 babies died from the Pseudomonas infection after you made those cuts. 

Old Knudsen has written to Mr Poots giving him the wisdom of his age but Mr Poots just passes it along as he knows it all anyway.
Poots keeps wasting public money on his own agendas like trying to stop the Marie Stopes well woman clinic with public funded legal action and by appealing the decision to allow civil partnerships and same sex couples to adopt.

Did you know that if you make a compliant to the NHS you get a form letter telling you it is being investigated .............they don't ask for proper or further details of the compliant, this is their policy. If you want to give more then you can but why bother if they already know the answer?

Say goodbye to Edwin Poots, he has to go back work to do closing hospitals and fighting the gheys. At least he is no longer the minister of  Culture, a lovely woman who served 4 of her 8 years in prison on terrorist explosives charges has that post.
Its a funny old world and shit does float to the top.......... but not Old Knudsen's shit as he has trouble doon there as explained to Mr Poots.

If you have a problem with a big eared farmer cunt killing babies with the dirty hospitals he runs and wasting public money by trying to stop children get good homes then sign THIS petition.

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