Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dr Seuss Was Better And More Famous

Sparkling vampire in tree, twilight's blood runs red.

As per expected Old Knudsen doesn't go along with the sheep mentality on most things. If the works of a person in life are shite then they aren't going to get much better when they die.

Oh is it too soon? .... fuck it.Seamus Heany recently died and of course now everybody loves him now .... who? he was called the the most important Irish poet since Yeats .... See, Samuel Beckett, you don't get the love if you don't live in Ireland. Yeats was very good though, rather sucky to have Heany compared to him. It was also said probably the best-known poet in the world .... seriously? wise the fuck up and maybe travel a bit.

Here is one of his poems I returned to a long strand, the hammered curve of a bay, and found only the secular powers of the Atlantic thundering. Um yeah, to think that you made a living out of writing, if I had wrote that do you think anyone would care?

No, cos it's shite!

Be advised my passport's green. No glass of ours was ever raised to toast the Queen.

I suspect that he and the Queen ate plenty of toast together. Since the Irish passport is now maroon he'd have to rework it to have raccoon on the end, maybe it ate the toast?

Heany may have been a decent bloke, not liking yon Sinn Fein an all but he wasn't a poet, and I know it.

On to the next controversial topic. I read an article suggesting that maybe because Pandas don't seem very interested in breeding and if left to their own devices will inbreed and since they can't live in the wild without some China man eating them that we should let them die out. Three million years was a good run. 

 So Old Knudsen got to thinking which took him to several porn sites of course and came up with this little bound to be popular analogy. 
The Jews in Israel are human pandas. 

I'd like to think that these ladies would like some normal intact cock but the state of Israel cannot live without our help. 
They live in an artificial environment getting fed by the Yanks in the hope they will breed and build a bigger enclosure. 

Of course Old Knudsen doesn't believe in killing off the pandas as humans made the mess so they owe it to them, but a lifetime of captivity is not something to be happy about and Old Knudsen certainly doesn't want rid of those fine IDF weemen. 

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