Saturday, 21 September 2013

Double Standards

When a woman enters the world of Northern Ireland politics the Belfast Telegraph must discuss her sense of style. Theresa Villiers the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland was also given such treatment.

Now Dr Meghan O'Sullivan the vice chair for Richard Haass' panel of party talks is getting the treatment. No one was interested in what outfits Haass wore.  

No one care what the native weemen in politics wear because.....

Just take the makeup off most weemen here and they can pass for a man so they over do the makeup and garish gurly colours. Also intelligent, strong educated weemen are light on the ground here, we're still in the 1980's with fishwives, or subservient know yer place types or weemen acting like men to get ahead. Self-aware confident weemen confuse the cavemen of this cuntry.

When a Catholic church is attacked with a petrol bomb and a paint bomb it hits the news for a day, not too much out rage because well thats what they do here..... it's "normal" do you think it's right for this to be seen as normal? for people to shrug it off or say "well it's only sectarian they do the same thing?"

In the real world such a thing would be called a 'hate crime' then ask the question as what would happen if it had been done to a mosque? ..... what way would people refer to that as? 

Willie Frazer doesn't think that hes a radical fundamentalist, I guess because hes white and Christian, maybe he just doesn't understand what a radical fundamentalist is ..... well he isn't too bright, except when it comes to scamming public money of course.

Looks the same to me, trying to impose yer ideas onto others by gaining support of the easily led bottom feeders who hide their faces.

Luckily Old Knudsen is here to see the truth. 

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