Monday, 30 September 2013

Banbridge, Like Ballymena But Worse

Ballymena may be a rural town full of junkie farmer sheep shaggers preaching about Gog, well there is one place far worse ....... Banbridge.

Twinned with Hell there is a rift to the underworld within it's Town hall guarded by evil Loyalist demons. Adolf Hitler lived in Banbridge for 7 years and wrote his book of poems Of Dreams and Stardust at the Banbridge Starbucks.

I had a little dog,
Whose name was Waggy Doo,
He'd bite the unpure,
From Jew down to hoor,
And sometimes the odd Polack too. 

While his poetry flowed very well and was outstanding, receiving worldwide acclaim it is not what people remember him for.

Because of these links to Naziland holding an Oktoberfest in the town seemed obvious,  Belfast is getting one and Hitler hated that place.

But no. The DUP in the Banbridge council refused to approve a drinks license.

DUP Councillor Junior McCrum said,“I don’t think it was the sort of thing Banbridge needed.”  

Well said, who the fuck wants big pints of beer served by big titty weemen?  

He also said "Does everything have to evolve around drink?" Um you live in Northern Ireland, we're so uptight we have to get drunk to have a good time..... what else is there? 

The festival was to be held in Solitude Park which used to be a place that staged dog against hobo fights and drink til you boak nights in the park. Now no alcohol is allowed in Solitude park and once the DUP decide something they can't change it. Adapting is too much like evolving which the DUP don't believe in. 

 This is what the DUP do want.

Why would Northern Ireland not allow abortion or ghey marriage when the rest of the UK does allow it? ..... Shariah law as mentioned in the 1690 revised edition Orange Order Bible.

Blessed are the sheep worriers
According to the Bible you can kill a woman and get away with it but if you kill a sheep heavy restitution must be made. 

The DUP want you worshiping Gog on Sundays, persecuting any other religion, keeping weemen in their place and doing as you are told.  Even if it's stupid and counterproductive. 

They ensure their family and friends get jobs and government contracts and cut essential programs to the poor and needy..... do old people really need rest homes? ..... do people really need clean hospitals? ...... do schools really need funding?

Bread and circuses is what the DUP offer and due to cutbacks there is no more bread.

Sexy Loyalist weemen.
The good news is that there are plenty of clowns. Funding hospitals, schools and housing leaves less money for flute bands and that is not acceptable.  
Having fun is forbidden unless it's Gog or flag fun....... do people really want an aquarium (Exploris) to visit with their kids for an educational and fun day out?
 Topless weemen dancing in fields sounds like Satanism to me.

Anyone found twerking will be burned at the stake.... I think we can agree on that one.  

Peace is not on their agenda as they have learned that the more trouble they get their followers to do they get more money from London.

First they get rid of the beer tents and then it's science. They want creationist views available where ever theres a museum or natural history exhibit. Six billion years? wise up that has to be 6 thousand years, we're no stupid.

Loyalists are natural leaders and should decide which way Northern Ireland is going. You can put yer future in their hands/hand.

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