Friday, 6 September 2013

Ballymena Whats That About?

Meanwhile in Ballymena Adam Robinson was beaten and tortured after a week long drink and drugs hoose party. His three fellow party goers Teri Lau, David Roddy Patterson and Paula Wilson had an argument about the exact wording of some Bible scriptures during a game of Guess my sermon and assaulted him up in the bathroom.

Robinson was stripped naked and thrown into a wheelie that was then taped shut and wheeled to a park a mile away.

What the fuck is wrong with Ballymena people? Old Knudsen has had to deal with some this week and boy where they stupid and rude .... thats three separate people.

Sure they live out in the Bible belt full of farmers and junkies so I guess I should cut them some slack but they for some reason think they are better than everyone else, thats like those country bumpkins the hobbits thinking they are better than the dwarfs.

  Look Frodo it's a big sexy tractor bey. 

They live in a town that they call City of the seven towers, they ain't a city and they don't have 7 towers..... what the fuck?
You know what Ballymena? yer shopping is shite.

Gog botherers, angry farmers, snooty bigots, junkies, drunks and sheep .... doesn't sound so bad after all.


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