Friday, 20 September 2013

A Bitter Pint Of Cum

There never will be a united Ireland and good. Only the radical fundamentalists who are just batshit crazy and the plastic paddies in far off lands who dream of leprechauns and rolling hills want a united Ireland.
People who don't have a fucking clue.... to be sure to be sure [insert friendly pub fight]  

I don't see anyone emigrating to Ireland except some poor fools from the 3rd world, anyone with any sense got out and continue to do so.
Ireland doesn't want the north because the Vatican says that Norn Iron children are too ugly to diddle.

As for the flag flying ..... well fuck em, they shit in their bed and so they can lie in it. You want to be British then do as they do in England and while yer at it wheres our equal marriage and abortion rights, like they have in Britain?


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