Tuesday, 6 August 2013

UFO Sighting Over Belfast

UFO's over Belfast. What can this mean? An alien hybrid breeding initiative breeding out the brains and the commonsense reverting us back to being angry monkeys .... yeah that would make sense.

  Check out these UFO's seen flying in formation over Belfast at the weekend.

I made sure to get something to judge size with to silence you doubters out there.

Flying slowly in close formation heading west .... probably to some underwater base at the bottom of Lough Neagh.
One is in the shape of a bird with it's wings pulled back, maybe an attack probe and the is circular no doubt for collecting data.
I called the police and they did not have any drones in the area nor did my contact at The Company. Can this be the start of yet another alien invasion Old Knudsen has to stop?

Some things cannot be explained.

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