Sunday, 18 August 2013

Titillation Sinday

Well looky here, it must be Sunday! You've gone to church so hopefully that will get you into heaven ... boy will you be pissed off when you find out it doesn't exist, well not really, you'll be dead.

So get those images of naked children out of yer head and look at these hot weemen instead.

This lass even checks her phone during sex .... doesn't bother me one bit.

 I do like a nice set of baps splayed out on display.

Ya know when they say that a pair of glasses make you look intelligent? ... well not always.

I'm not usually into blondes but this pic says something to me.

 A sexy selfie from one of my readers.

Just like Old Knudsen, always looking over his shoulder ...... and standing half naked at a window.

Have a child free Sunday you Christian pedos.

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