Monday, 5 August 2013

The Think Tank Is Leaking

To get you the top info on the latest news we asked our old friend Willie Frazer for his insight. Of course due to restrictions placed on him by neo-Nazi judges he cannot talk about flags, parades, midget porn or Simon Cowell.

We asked him about the pentagram that shows up on Google earth in Kazakhstan.

"I don't know about pentagrams but I do know the kind of boys behind this sort of thing. Ever try to get a plane to Kazakhstan? thats because it doesn't exist, this is Kerakistan which is in Co Tyrone and these lines were made by the tractors of members of the IRA who are also members of the Illuminati no doubt hiding guns and bombs. I know this because I took photographs of their secret meetings and overheard their plans to put mind control drugs and horse meat into the Protestant community's food chain. 

I had to run when they saw me so I jumped into my new Jeep Cherokee and was chased for several miles with them boys hanging out their windows and shooting at me with their Uzis but I got away when I lost them in a patch of low lying fog.

I could show you the pictures but when I got home a policeman was up stairs with my wife searching my house I suppose. He took my camera and my Rolex watch as evidence and will no doubt wipe the film on my digital camera.

So this is the sign of the Devil and obviously Catholic, but if ya tell anyone here they laugh or look at you as if your crazy, no one can silence me, I'm a victim of state collusion with the Illuminati and I'm constantly spied upon, sure you can't even set fire to your own ke-ar now without a member of the security forces asking you for a light.

We are the voice of the Protestant community, we may not have a political agenda, employment initiative or any clue about the economy but when Facebook takes us down by Jove we're political and need to be heard. Who will tell you to LIKE and SHARE if we aren't there?" 

Now a word from Jim. 

Remember when Britain won the Falklands conflict and won the Gulf war and killed Osama? Remember seeing Princess Diana in that see through skirt as she held a babby Harry Styles? Remember that song that goes Do do do  da da da? They made you feel good and proud to be British didn't they?

If you love your country and hate any threats to it such as anything not white and Protestant then send your name, telephone number and bank details to me ..... Or do you want to see your children raped by rabid Arabs?

If you see me in the street with my bucket collecting money for a worthy cause please give generously. I'm like Jimmy Savile I am, I'm always collecting for Charity .... who is my accountant, she says legal fees and a mortgage aren't cheap.     

Just to let everyone know, when I travel to Dublin to confront Facebook I will be accepting Euros. 




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