Thursday, 8 August 2013

The Scammy Spammers

 One of the many Gollums, Sammy the Charles Bronson flag for hire tough guy and the clown.

 The Protestant Coalition has the best comedy talent in Northern Ireland, they pretend to be a serious political party but act like total clueless morons. Nothing to say about job creation, health services or education .... they have to be a wind up right?  

I think THIS explains what they are about perfectly. Stealing other people's ideas and memes to get LIKES and SHARES on their many Facebook pages that spew hatred. They are a spam infection nothing more.

I was doing my duty of reporting the page as spam when I saw this.

Simply being a Loyal British Citizen is no longer an assurance of ones rights any more , here or in any other part of the UK. Only a few generations ago British women had to fight and DIE just to secure the vote!! 

What started off as a fight for weemen's rights degraded into flag ranting ... somehow. For fucks sake if you are gonna die for yer rights then get a move on.

Old Knudsen who is well into weemen's rights spoke up and suggested that because abortion isn't allowed in Northern Ireland then Northern Ireland weemen must then be not as good as Scottish, English and Welsh weemen .... still second class citizens.

Thats what the picture and the first paragraph was about right? WEEMEN'S RIGHTS. Why should weemen have to go to prison to be tortured?

So anyway my comment was deleted and I was banned .... again. Then you have these dicks with their comedy genius answering me.... but I can't reply .... big man with a keyboard.

Do ya have ADHD or are ya just fucking retarded? Weemen are still dying over the right to choose, try to keep up. I still don't see any of you fleggers dying.

The Protestant Coalition  Are in no shape or form a political party. A political group at best but only the inflammatory low brow parts of our politics . Like true Protestants they have picked over what they want to believe and talk about ..... nothing else.

Why are you talking about abortion? cos it's a fucking important issue that affects Northern Ireland, it's what yer supposed to be interested in, ya know ..... issues.

They are afraid of any thing resembling debate and cannot stand to be challenged. Gog forbid anyone on Facebook challenges them cos then they call to their fleggers to report that page, and call it a load of names.

Well Old Knudsen has given you several tries and you have been found lacking in intelligence and are hiding yer true motives.

When did LIKE and SHARE become more important than the freedom to put yer point across on an open forum?


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