Saturday, 3 August 2013

Support Is Flegging

The police got laid into an old pensioner who was just going to the shaps for a pint of milk. How dare they treat a 53 year-old man like that, he probably fought in the war!

Police just randomly started beating some young lads who were standing on the street talking about their work for various charities. 

A young woman was attacked by Republican scum and left in tears and the police just laughed at her.

The peelers grabbed some children and arrested them. Can children not play outside anymore .... ach sure it was 11pm and they were throwing bricks but boys will be boys, just a bit of fun.

Did you see the police throwing golf balls at the houses on Short Strand and saying it was us? shacking it was, giving us a bad name.

An old woman took dizzy and the police wouldn't break their riot formation to give her a drink of water and a foot rub because she was wearing a Union flag .... and Union coat .... and Union handbag ..... and hat.

The police threw a brick and knocked out Orangeman/DUP politician Nigel Dodds .... no wait that was us... lol. 

No surrender! ..... unless they arrest you and then surrender a little, maybe even cry a bit. 


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