Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sunday Slap Time

Well hello there .... thinking about going to church today? talking to yer imaginary friend about peace, love, tolerance and eternal life on a cloud, then when thats done you slag off the gheys and fondle some children, aye Old Knudsen knows yer type ..... Christians!

Well as usual here is yer Sunday temptation to ween you off the kiddies and onto consenting adults. These weemen may be out of yer league but check out the baps on that yoke.

It's raining norks, hallelujah! each one is the size of a small child .... weemen are fucking class!

"Hello spunky chops" .... I'm just thinking of what sexy line she might say to get you into the mood.

Full bodied weemen for a change, something to explore.

And of course if you remember I do like the boobies hanging doon like those speedball punch bags so this post is not just for the Christian pedos.

To top off this lovely post here is an Asian with a goatee.

I don't think they're real .... those eye lashes.

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