Sunday, 25 August 2013

Sunday Drool

Welcum to Sunday my Christian friends, yer therapy to ween you away from the kiddies shall continue. I have boobs, well not personally ... in me fridge but anyway, this post. 

Boobs wrapped up to keep them fresh.

Except, someone left the tits out, in the rain .... As MacArthur said to his park, "I'll be back."

Some nice, legal Christian gurls .... want a dirty Wiccan? the cross can cum off.

  I had a pool party yesterday, but I couldn't find my balls .... gedit? pool? ... aw fuck off.

Is it still art if you can wank to it? .... what can't Old Knudsen wank to?  Oh thats right, yer Ma.
 I can't stop looking at them ... ginger public hair.  

Oh sorry love, did me thrashing about wake ya?  since yer up go pop the kettle on.

Ach fallen asleep without having taken her make up off .... first world drama. 

Now fuck off!

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